Why You Need to Take Care of Your Tools and Equipment

You might know that you should take care of your equipment and tools, but you might not know why cleaning and maintenance are often required by employers, insurance companies, and manufacturers. It is important to know why proper care of equipment and tools is one of the more important things that you can do.

Not Maintaining Them Causes Accidents

Some of the most severe accidents are caused by tools or equipment breakdown. These accidents may be the result of poor maintenance.  They are also sometimes preventable with proper care.

Insurance Claims May Be Denied

When there is an accident, an insurance agent specializing in the type of accident will inspect the equipment and maintenance logs. Even if the accident is at home, and it is your tools, they may still check to see if the tools were properly serviced and in good working order. In some cases, with some policies, improper maintenance and care is cause for denial.

Not Maintaining Them Can Void Warranties

The majority of warranties specifically state that not maintaining your tools will void the warranty. You could be out hundreds or thousands of dollars by not performing simple these simple tasks.

Properly storing, maintaining, and handling your tools and equipment is vital to your safety, compensation, and replacement when an accident happens. You should perform routine checks and maintenance before and after each use.