Why You Need Campground Facility Insurance

Campgrounds provide vacationers with a valuable resource. Whether your campground offers basic facilities for overnight guests or hosts a range of tour and recreation activities, protecting your business from the unique risks you face requires insurance plans designed specifically for campgrounds. Procuring the appropriate campground liability insurance for your business requires you to thoroughly assess your specific needs.

Outdoor Insurance Tailored for the Campground Industry

There are a number of options when choosing an insurance plan for anyone in the outdoor recreation industry, but few other businesses offer such a wide range of services as campground facilities. Many campgrounds need to insure inside spaces as well as their outdoor operations, and there is the possibility of any number of additional insurance requirements. According to Brynes Agency Insurance campgrounds potentially require protection beyond general liability to include coverage for:

  • Business interruptions
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property damage and other crimes
  • Inland Marine coverage for storing camping vehicles
  • Commercial auto coverage for business vehicles

As a campground owner, you face a unique set of risks in the outdoor industry. It is important that you understand the extent of coverage you require to protect your business while keeping your customers happy. Fortunately, there are insurance plans available that are designed to protect any size campground with any number of available services and activities, providing you the security you need to continue offering the amenities your customers desire.