Why Insurance for Staffing Agencies isn’t One Size Fits All

Staffing agencies cover a wide range of operations. With so many specialties across the industry, finding the right insurance policy within a specific budget can be frustrating, especially if the insurance agency has little to no experience with the work your company does. Healthcare is vastly different from manufacturing, so why would you want the same policy? By conducting some research, you can find the right staffing agency insurance for your unique company.

Many types of staffing operations can seek this type of insurance. Specialists in payroll, administrative services and temporary and permanent placement staffing agencies may be interested in a basic policy. Many agencies can offer plans from different providers, which can help in your search for quotes. You should also be able to consider various packages or stand-alone policies for true customization. While general liability can be a great place to start, other types of liability like auto, employment practices, umbrella and employee theft could all benefit your business. Due to the nature of staffing agencies, workers compensation could be particularly helpful.

While a bundled package may sound nice, it might contain products you don’t particularly need. When collecting quotes, see if insurance agencies offer customized advice for your company, so that you get the staffing agency insurance coverage that will be most useful to you.