Why Are Property Owners Liable for Injuries?

People who own commercial property have to be vigilant about premises liability injuries. Both minor and major injuries could result in costly liability issues.

Duty of Care to Keep the Premises Safe

People who own property have a general duty of care to keep it in reasonably safe condition. This is especially true of people or businesses who own property that they make open to the general public. For example, a store must maintain the premises to assure the safety of the customers who it opens its door to.

Duty to Warn

As soon as someone learns of an unsafe condition, he or she has a duty to warn people of the potential danger. Failure to warn is one possible component of a premises liability claim.

Many Common Hazards Are Preventable

Some hazards on any type of property are so commonplace that their existence almost automatically establishes that the owner of the property is liable under a premises liability theory. For example, a slip and fall because of an uneven surface or a wet floor is a frequent cause of injury. However, businesses may avoid responsibility for some conditions if they were unaware of them.

Ultimately, close attention to maintenance needs can help prevent injuries. Businesses need to have proactive plans to address premises liability.