What You Need To Know About Sliding Car Accidents

Driving in winter conditions is challenging. Roads get slick and ice can build up on the blacktop in a matter of minutes. Even experienced drivers can end up sliding on that ice and end up damaging their car. Your insurance company can help you cover the cost of repairs, but there are a few things you need to know before you file a claim.

What Counts as a Sliding Accident

So, what is sliding in the insurance industry? Sliding accidents occur when your car hits a wet or icy patch on the road which causes you to lose control over the car’s path. If you end up hitting another car, tree or obstacle on the road, you’ll want to file an insurance claim with your auto insurance provider.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

Unfortunately, some policies may not cover sliding accidents. It all depends on the type of object you hit and the types of coverage you have in place. If you hit another car, standard collision insurance will help you cover the cost of the damage. However, if you hit a tree, mailbox or another non-vehicle object, you’ll need to have comprehensive insurance in place.

Review your car insurance coverage this winter. When you make sure you have the right policy, you’ll be able to protect yourself in the event of a sliding accident.