What To Know Before Using Your Boat for Work

One way to enjoy the lazy days of summer is to use your boat. The vessel provides a great spot to entertain clients or treat staff to a much-deserved break. Before you hit the water, you should look into a watercraft liability endorsement on your general liability insurance.


While out on the water on your personal vehicle, your commercial general liability policy may not provide coverage if someone is injured or the boat is damaged. Adding a watercraft liability endorsement covers property damage and other liabilities. Arroyo serves the entire Southern California region, so you have the coverage where you work.


Before you add additional people on to your vessel, make sure your boat is safe for additional travelers. Each passenger needs a life jacket even if they only wear it for emergencies. Flare guns, a first aid kit, a life preserver, fire extinguisher and navigation lights are some of the items you need on board before setting sail. Large vessels require additional equipment not necessary on smaller boats. Staying safe can ensure the entire party has a great time.
A watercraft liability endorsement and safety equipment can protect you and your passengers out on the waves. With those taken care of, you can focus on having a great time, schmoozing with clients or bonding with your staff.