What To Know About Insurance Programs for Staffing Agencies

These days, staffing agencies serve a very important purpose in the world of business. In order to find exceptional employees to fill vacant positions, companies rely on the expertise and insight that staffing firms can provide. Naturally, running a niche business like this can also bring about a bunch of concerns. One area that might be confusing is taking out the right insurance plan. Since staffing agencies fall into a unique category of business, insurance will also have different requirements.

Exploring Staffing Agency Insurance

One of the main points to understand about staffing agency insurance programs is that the coverage is meant to meet the unique categorization of temp workers. Since these individuals are not technically employed in the traditional way by you or the client the temp will be working with, you can’t use traditional insurance options to cover them. Instead, you will need to think about insurance packages structured specifically for workers who fall into this categorization. Additional areas to concern yourself with when selecting appropriate insurance can include:

  • E&O coverage
  • Directors and officers coverage
  • Workers’ compensation

Review Your Options

By understanding the ins and outs of your industry, you can find an insurance package that exceeds your expectations. Review your options and see how selecting the best coverage can make a world of difference.