What Is NSO Healthcare?

As a wholesale insurance broker, you will need to find the right niche for the plans you offer to reach the right people. For instance, if you offer NSO healthcare to your clients, then it is a good bet that many of them work with or in the medical field. NSO stands for Nurses Service Organization, this type of insurance can cover everything from malpractice to general occurrence liability and is usually used by nursing facilities, hospitals and private practices.

When most people think about healthcare professionals needing specific types of insurance, they usually think about doctors and facilities, but it is just as important to insure nurses and other providers to avoid any dangerous gaps in coverage. Therefore, offering some sort of NSO coverage to your clients can help fill any gaps they might have. You can find a lot of these coverage plans online through companies who work solely with wholesale brokers to make it easier to get what you need.

NSO healthcare insurance is a useful thing for wholesale brokers to offer, especially if you work with clients in the medical industry. This insurance can cover things such as medical malpractice and can help cover some expensive gaps in your clients’ coverages. You can find wholesale plans online through companies experienced in insuring medical professionals.