What Doesn’t Your Policy Cover?

Having a strong understanding of your current insurance coverage can be very helpful. The more you know about your policy, the easier it is to make the right decisions for your future. For many, it can be difficult to get a feel for commercial general liability insurance exclusions. Learning about the exclusions early can help you avoid a disaster down the line when you discover your policy does not cover what you believed.

Location Matters

As seen on https://www.nsins.com/, one of the biggest factors that can impact your exclusions is the location. Each state has specific regulations relating to insurance. If you’re working on a project that crosses state lines, you definitely want to make sure that your coverage will not suffer by changing locations.

Natural Disasters

Tricky wording can also be confusing when you’re looking at exclusions. Some insurance agencies put in language that allows them to deny coverage to people who have suffered injuries due to faulty or unstable terrain. Examples of this can include:

Shifting earth
Sinking terrain

When you take time to understand what your policy excludes, it can make all the difference for your future. Pay attention to your exact coverage and you will always have a good idea of the protection being offered to you by your insurance provider.