Understanding the Difference Between a Contractor and an Artisan Contractor

Contractors, also known as general contractors, are people who oversee construction jobs. They organize the team and schedule the work as it needs to happen. The contractor is contractually obligated to see the job to completion. 

In comparison, an artisan contractor oversees one piece of the overall job.  The artisan contractor will have an area of specialties, such as electric or plumbing. The artisan contractor will see overall work performed in his area and is brought into the job site according to the contractor’s set schedule. 

When Do You Need a Contractor?

  • When building a home or commercial building
  • Adding on to an existing structure
  • Any work to a structure that requires a building permit

When Do You Need an Artisan Contractor?

  • For specific repairs to a structure, such as plumbing or electric
  • As part of a complete build under a general contractor
  • When performing extensive remodeling to a structure

Contractor Liability

Before working with any contractor, be sure they have business insurance to protect your property from accidents caused by their work. The general contractor’s insurance should cover all the work performed under the general contractor’s contract, including work by artisan contractors

There may be situations in which you don’t need a general contractor. When working with an artisan contractor without a general contractor, the artisan contractor should have its own policy.