Understanding Tail Coverage Insurance

As a busy professional, you have plenty of business concerns to think about every day. You likely don’t have time to research the intricacies of professional liability insurance. Still, supplementing your existing errors and omissions policy with tail coverage is never a bad idea. When combined with the right business liability coverage, a tail policy gives you the long-term peace of mind you need to succeed professionally.

Tail Coverage

In insurance, not every type of coverage is self-evident. That’s true for a tail policy. What is tail coverage insurance? Simply put, it protects you from E&O claims that arise after the policy period has expired. Keep in mind, the coverage does not extend your existing business liability coverage. Instead, it extends the period you have to report and incident or claim to your insurer.

The Right Help

Understanding the ins and outs of business insurance may not be high on your bucket list. To protect yourself and your business interests, work with a talented insurance agent. Because these professionals routinely collaborate with business clients, they are uniquely situated to explain complicated insurance concepts to you.

What is tail coverage insurance? For you, it means longer E&O protection to help you grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities.