Truck Drivers Can Avoid Accidents With These Steps

Not only does an accident result in damage to your rig, the other person’s vehicle and potentially the people, the victim of the accident could file a personal injury lawsuit against you or the company. Transport Insurance Co protects your truck and you in the event of a lawsuit. These tips can help you lower your risk of being in an accident in the first place.

Properly Load

When your cargo is properly loaded in the truck, it is less likely to cause a tip over. Imbalanced loads can be hard to control especially when the weather turns. A well-balanced load is easier to control. A properly secured load has a lower chance of falling onto the road and causing an accident.

Sober Driving

One main cause of truck accidents is drunk driving. Not only can the practice cause an accident, but it could cause you to lose your CDL. Keep in mind that the blood alcohol limit for truck drivers is half that of passenger cars.

Maintained Truck

Properly maintaining your truck naturally lowers your risk of an accident. Good working brakes, properly inflated tires and onboard safety equipment help you stay safe on the road.

Follow these tips for safe driving on the road and use Transport Insurance Co to protect you in the event an accident does occur. Lowering your risk helps you save money on your insurance rates as well.