Tips for Truckers

Days and nights are long when you drive a commercial truck for a living. Whether you’re a seasoned trucker or not, it’s always worth hearing words of wisdom to protect yourself and others.

Insurance and Coverage

Trucking liability programs exist for many reasons, but the number one reason? Keeping you safe. If you work for a company, understand its insurance policies and what you are able and unable to do in your profession. If you are an independent contractor, be very picky about your insurance package and select what fits you and your line of work the best.

Catch Some Z’s

Have you ever seen that episode of Mythbusters where the team proves that driving while fatigued is as dangerous as driving drunk? It’s a fact! That being said, get as much sleep as you can before hitting the road. Deadlines are a reality, but they’re not worth killing yourself or anyone else over. Be smart and know your limitations. It’s not a weakness to admit that you’re exhausted.

Inspect Your Rig

Safety should be your number one priority while you’re working, so do a thorough inspection of your truck before even leaving the parking lot. Check all lights, tires, cameras, chains and anything else you can think of.

Your job is an important one, but keeping yourself safe is even more important. Be careful out there so that you will be able to enjoy life for many, many more years to come.