Three Decades Serving the Community

Our doors opened over 35 years ago, and since then we have worked tirelessly to bring insurance that works for residents of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Our experience and networking have allowed us to build long-lasting relationships with many well-known carriers to bring you policies that are best suited for you. Whether you are a small company opening for the first time, a large corporation with thousands of employees or are a young family looking to settle down, our team is ready to assist you in your dreams for the future.

Innovation and Renovation

Even though we began our company decades ago, we have adapted with the changing times using innovate technological tools. These allow us to bring you service and to process claims with efficiency. Our knowledge has increased over time and we are informed on the latest industry trends.

The Human Touch

While we do boast great technology, you can still expect to work with one of our team members during every step of the process. They provide the understanding and care you deserve when shopping for insurance.


What makes the Regan Agency team so special is our commitment to our customers. We fight to get you powerful coverage at rates you can afford. You can trust that our team can bring to you a package that can stand whatever comes its way.