The Services Provided at Nursing Homes

A facility that provides long-term care for elderly citizens may go by the name skilled nursing facility, convalescent home, or nursing home. These homes provide 24-hour onsite medical care in a residential setting.

The Type of Services

The label that the facility offers skilled nursing refers to the type of service that is provided. If an individual needs skilled nursing care, it doesn’t mean that placement into a home is necessary. For the residents that do enter a nursing home or care facility, there is a higher level of medical care available than at a retirement home or assisted living facility. Licensed health professionals, such as occupational therapists, registered nurses, or speech and physical therapists, must be on staff for the center to qualify as a skilled nursing home.

The Level of Care

Patients that live in these facilities often require a higher level of care, whether on a short term rehabilitation basis or more long term for chronic medical conditions and end-of-life services. At a nursing facility, you will find patients receiving wound care, IV therapy, catheter care, injections, medical equipment dependence, and therapy needs. For health insurance plans or government programs to cover this level of care, the patient must have a doctor’s order for the services within that specific setting.

With the level of care being provided, there are a number of liability risks involved in the operation. Fortunately, there are insurance policies that can address these exposures and mitigate potential legal claims.