Taking Liability Seriously in an Industry for Laughs

Comedy is a form of entertainment that is quickly growing in popularity. With a surge of comedy specials on streaming services, comedians branching out into acting and writing, and other celebrities trying their hands at stand up comedy, the perception of comedy has changed drastically in a short amount of time. Now comedy venues are generating more traffic, which is incredible for the industry as a whole, but individual businesses must be careful that they do not neglect the necessary aspects of comedy club insurance.

Protect Your Club and Your Performers

The needs of a comedy club will vary based on what kinds of services the club offers alongside the comedy show. As http://www.rmshg.com/ states, a high-quality liability plan will have the capability to offer coverage for everything from valet parking and food service to a bar and DJ. Here are some other aspects to look for when it comes to insurance coverage for your comedy club:

  • General liability
  • Assault & battery
  • Excess liability
  • Products & completed operations
  • Liquor liability

Insurance may be the least entertaining part about working in the entertainment industry, but having sufficient coverage for your establishment is paramount to its long term success. Working with an insurance group you can trust is an important way to keep your club at the top of any must-visit list.