Serving Your Clients by Being Properly Insured

As a staffing agency, you’re in a unique position. Your employees have a certain expectation of professionalism, which includes certain basic coverages. Similarly, your clients also depend on you to have a staffing insurance policy that protects their interests as your employees provide labor services. Your business operates as an agent in the middle, and protecting your business from damages and losses serves everyone involved.

Including Basic Coverages

When it comes to staffing agency policies, each business will have specific requirements. There are basic coverages that every policy should include:

  • General Liability Insurance. This coverage is versatile and can include property damage, third-party injuries, and legal protection if your company issued.
  • Professional Liability Insurance. This protects you from claims arising from any errors and omissions in work product. This coverage would also protect you from a situation where a client thinks you assigned personnel that lacked the skills to perform the work.
  • Workers Compensation. If employees are injured on the job, this addresses lost wages and medical expenses. Some basic coverage is required as your client’s workers’ compensation may or may not include temporary workers.

Depending on the type of staffing your agency provides, there may be other types of coverages necessary.

Staying Protected

It’s important to work with an insurer that can help you go over the distinctions of temporary employees and contract workers. It’s incumbent on you to make sure you are compliant with employment laws in your jurisdiction. You owe it to your company, your clients, and your workers.