Planning Your Next Adventure

Insurance might be the last thing on your mind while planning your next expedition. But good travel adventure advice almost always includes the suggestion that you consider insurance coverage for your trip. When you stray from the safe and predictable, you open yourself up for thrilling adventures, but those adventures often come with heightened risk.

What Could Go Wrong?

You may be a meticulous planner, working out every detail of your trip months in advance. This will certainly help you to be prepared. But consider the following possibilities:

  • your luggage, including your specialized and expensive equipment, is stolen
  • severe weather delays or interferes with your travel and activities
  • you are seriously injured
  • you seriously injure someone else

None of these are typical experiences, but almost every seasoned adventure traveler has heard stories of these kinds of calamities. Any of these problems could cost you money and time; some of them could have serious long-term effects.

Adventure Travel Insurance

Your adventures should enhance your life, not derail it. Purchasing an adventure travel insurance policy or policy rider can help you to protect yourself, your family, and your property from unforeseen accidents and injuries. Many of the companies that offer these policies can advise you about the coverage you need, based on your plans. Take the travel adventure advice of seasoned explorers, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be protected no matter where your next expedition takes you.