Nursing Home Insurance Coverage is Essential

In order to run a successful nursing home your client has to live up to their duty to provide the best possible care and service. Reputation is everything, and the worst thing that could happen is allegations that residents are being abused and neglected. Families want to know that, when they bring a relative to a facility, they will be provided quality care and services aimed at helping them to maintain their physical, mental and social well-being. Federal and state nursing home regulations govern the rights of nursing home and assisted living residents.


It is unfortunate when a nursing home comes under fire from claims of neglect or abuse, but it does happen. Prevention starts with running an operation that is designed to protect residents by properly screening employees and keeping intruders and other unwanted visitors at bay. These issues are the primary reason to carry nursing home insurance coverage, as well as a professional liability policy.


Claims of abuse damaging to reputation


Claims of abuse, whether unfounded or not, are unfortunately often associated with running an elderly care facility. Incidents involving abuse often go unreported because it isn’t always physical abuse. Many times residents may experience emotional, psychological, and even financial abuse, or exploitation. It’s important to note that abusers may be staff members, other patients and even visitors to the facility that have no connection to the victim.
If, for example, a staff member refuses to allow family or friends to see a resident or insists on being present during the visit, this could be an indication that abuse is taking place. Residents can be abused in many different ways, including being intimidated and threatened, denied proper medication, a lack of proper grooming, a lack of care resulting in dehydration or bedsores, even being denied food or not being treated properly when a health issue arises.


Nursing home residents often require constant attention and may not be able to communicate nursing home abuse or neglect from their caregivers. Such conditions can result in abuse that in turn causes illness, discomfort, and at times, even death. Running a nursing home should be a rewarding experience, but this is not always the case. Having nursing home insurance coverage will help pay for claims resulting from improper care.