A New Homeowner’s Guide to Insurance

Columbus home insurance can provide peace of mind with one of the most important purchases many individuals make. New homeowners are often required to carry home insurance when their mortgage has primary mortgage insurance on the loan. Purchasing policies directly from a provider rather than a bank often results in more competitive rates.

Events Columbus Home Insurance May Cover

Home insurance is typically important because it can help new homeowners with losses covered by unforeseen events. Many policies can cover exterior structures and the contents of the home. Most homeowners insurance can cover the following kinds of events:

  • Damage from fire
  • Damage from wind and hail
  • Theft or loss of valuable property
  • Vandalism

Additional Benefits of Home Insurance

While most people may think of Columbus home insurance as covering the home and property inside, an additional benefit can also be the liability protection policies usually offer. These are some possible examples where liability coverage could save new homeowners from headaches:

  • A guest tripping, falling and being injured in the home
  • A branch from a tree on the homeowner’s property falling and damaging someone else’s property
  • A fatal accident occurring on the property

Getting protection is often quite easy. Choosing the right policy can bring a sense of relief to new homeowners who know their house, belongings and financial assets are covered by home insurance.