Do you Need Liability Insurance for Your Dog?

With all the things that need to be insured today, coverage for pets can easily be overlooked. You may think that dog owner liability insurance isn’t necessary if your pup has never acted aggressively. The truth is, like any animal, dogs are unpredictable at times and acquiring insurance protects both you and your canine by providing coverage for medical expenses and legal defense if your dog were to cause harm to others.

While the first incident that comes to mind is a bite, there are many scenarios in which someone could choose to sue you over your dog’s actions. Insurance coverage also provides protection if your pet scratches, scares, causes a fall or injures another animal.

If your dog has been involved in a previous altercation, you may shy away from seeking insurance under the assumption that coverage wouldn’t be available. Depending on the previous offense, there’s no guarantee that coverage will be provided, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out to a pet insurance company. Past incidents don’t automatically equal denied coverage.

You should also consider obtaining dog owner liability insurance if you frequently take your dog to work, regardless if your pup is integral to your line of employment. You may also have the ability to list additional insured parties, such as an employer or landlord, allowing for their protection if they were to be sued for circumstances involving your pet.

The bottom line is that obtaining liability insurance on your pet provides peace of mind and protection for a number of different scenarios.