Mitigating Risks in Your Event Space

Recent event venue owners have a lot on their plates. There are inevitable concerns about building codes, OSHA compliance, and even DJ copyright laws. Moreover, each proprietor will be asking the ultimate question in business: at what point will it be profitable? One way to prevent the risk of severe losses is to consider investing in hospitality liability insurance.

Hospitality Liability

At the center of hospitality is the client: the individual or group that selects your event space, hotel, or barroom as a temporary home away from home. Many accidents occur when people are at their most relaxed, so it is the job of the ownership to anticipate these possible issues and mitigate them before they can happen. An insurance broker can help to identify these problem areas on behalf of the policyholder. Such considerations may include:

  • increased visibility of caution and wet floor signs for all employees
  • improved disinfection of communal areas
  • extended job functions to secure attendants around insecure places like the swimming pool or gym
  • reviewing guest feedback for safety concerns
  • illuminating floors in banquet halls to prevent trips and spills

Hospitality liability concerns are one of the many priorities for a small business owner in the event management space. Being knowledgeable in ways to counter potential financial storms is one way to ensure company success.