Mitigating Risk Arising From Film Productions

Though often obscured in the glamour of a finished film, a film set is a uniquely dangerous environment. Risks abound, in the form of heavy machinery, difficult stunts, pyrotechnics, and much more. Conducting a thorough film risk assessment will ensure that any film if fully prepared and insured for any accidents that can occur in the course of production.

What Types of Hazards Exist On Set?

Film sets have a number of unique dangers, including:

  • Use of pyrotechnics, fire, or other electrical equipment
  • Use of cables and wires for stunts and camera work
  • Vehicular work, including helicopters and drones for filming
  • Scenes filmed in or near deep or fast-flowing water

These are only a few of the high-risk elements on movie sets; watching any recent action film can offer numerous, unique examples of high-risk environments. Moreover, film sets are often short on money and time, and so, unfortunately cutting corners is not uncommon.

What Is Film Production Insurance?

Film production insurance will protect cast, crew, and production companies from claims resulting from on-set accidents. It will be tailored to the needs of a particular production, and may include coverage for cast, equipment, props, film and cameras, and anything else that goes into production of the film.

Working with a reputable insurer and undergoing a film risk assessment will ensure your set is prepared for whatever dangers arise.