Meet Clients Online Demands

For many agencies, a website may be created to engage new clients and to make communication easier and more convenient. The best insurance agency websites have elements design for lead generation and customer service.

Lead Generation

For agencies that specialize in a specific type of insurance such as automobile or homeowners, the website content can focus on those primary areas. This focus may be what brings the client to the site. Improve lead generation by adding a Quote Request form that enables the user to request information.

Customer Service

Incidents can happen during late night and early morning hours. The best insurance agency websites may have useful frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and customer service forms that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and submitted for claims processing. Clients appreciate finding the answers to questions and having the claim processed quickly and easily.

Mobile Friendly

The best insurance agency websites can work as well on phones and tablets as they do on desktops and laptops. Modifications in graphics, menu options and layouts may result in a better experience on the smaller screens. The latest coding and development options enable live lead generation and access to customer service forms while also being more easily read and completed.