Liability Insurance for the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment business is just like any other industry in that in the course of performing a job, property may be damaged and personal injuries may be sustained. Because of the amount of money that is often invested in a production, the stakes can be even higher, which is why those in show business need entertainment public liability insurance.

Who Can Be Covered Under Entertainment Insurance?

Basically, performers on stage, film producers, and the crewmembers working behind the scenes, as well as their equipment. The stage in question may be the stage of a theatrical production as well as a movie’s soundstage. The equipment in question may be props and wardrobe as well as lighting and sound equipment. The performers involved may be animals as well as human beings.

What Types of Coverage Are Available?

There are several types of entertainment liability insurance available. Planning a large concert or science fiction convention? Special events liability coverage will protect you against property damage or bodily injury claims due to negligence. Coverage is available whether you’re a performer, a producer, or a promoter. For musicians, it is important to protect your instrument with equipment coverage.

It can be a serious business to keep people entertained. Accidents can happen in entertainment just as they can in any other industry, which is why entertainment public liability insurance is so important.