Interviewing New Candidates and What to Look For

Employers in the staffing industry are looking for qualities in their new hires that are often not listed in the job ad. They want to meet people who are responsible and familiar with the duties of the position they’re seeking. After all, it is your responsibility to fill slots with people who are capable of doing the work required of them, and also work in any environment they end up in. Much of this should be discussed during the interview process.

Temporary staffing agencies help clients who own businesses fill positions within their companies during a permanent employee’s vacation or other excused absence. Staffing agencies must also provide staffing insurance to cover any damages resulting from actions taken by their temporary employee or in the event that an injury occurs while on the job.

Interviews should help determine those who are qualified

A temp agency needs to maintain a large source of talented individuals to serve the staffing needs of its demographic area. Good employers look for people with ambition. Managers want to hire people who are proactive. Successful temp agencies take the time and expense necessary to adequately screen all candidates. This is an important step in maintaining a qualified staffing agency in order to assure clients that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without much training.

Temp agencies should go beyond merely conducting an interview to confirm skills and experience and attempt to hire candidates with knowledge of procedures related to the position being sought. Certain positions require proof of training, for example, in medical or other highly trained fields. You should also try to get recommendations from satisfied previous employers and references should always be checked and verified.

Many high-ranking staffing agencies are able to provide exceptionally talented workers using seminars and workshops to help to improve skill sets. Temp agencies, along with providing staffing insurance as a way to mitigate risks, must also provide clients with workers with impeccable skills, putting them in a position to retain long-term relationships with the companies they serve.