Insurance Options for Bailees

As a bailee you are responsible for the good in your custody that others entrust into your care. As such you may been looking at insurance options including bailee liability, defense or debris removal. Here are some things you may want to know.


Liability insurance is important for any business to consider including in their policy. In the event you or someone you employ is found at fault for an incident, liability coverage can help pay for replacing a client’s goods, or any medical expenses that may be required.


Defense costs are part of the legal costs of defending against a claim. In many cases they can be more than the cost of the damaged property. You may want to check to see if your policy includes this coverage.

Debris Removal

On some occasions the bailee may be held responsible for having damaged property removed and correctly cleaned up. This is called debris removal. This may be considered a separate part of your policy so it’s a good idea to have your insurance professional check your policy for this coverage.

You may find that bailee liability insurance is something you want in your policy. You insurance professional will also be able to look at your business and clientele to help you determine if defense or debris removal are good options to include in your policy. Remember to ask them any questions you may have.