Insurance Offers Needed Protection from Security Breaches

The Internet and private servers have become a nesting ground for hackers ready to attack any system in an attempt to profit illegally. Acts related to cyber crimes are continually on the rise, and activities involving the use of computers to illegally gain access to personal information and restricted company files happens at an alarming rate. For this reason, local businesses need Carmel cyber risk insurance to address concerns about this growing exposure.

Though most attacks of large proportion (Yahoo, Equifax) are sensationalized on radio and television, a large number of breaches go unreported – victims of computer crimes and intrusions fail to report their victimization, due to fear of negative publicity, potential loss of future revenues, even the possible mistrust of the agencies tasked to handle such high tech crimes. There are even instances where the victims are unaware of the invasion.

The situation needs to be addressed and corrected

Awareness of your susceptibility is important, and any concerns about a breach should be reported at once. As our technology becomes more advanced, users may become better protected, but until then we must try and protect electronic information on computers to the best of our ability and this means more stringent protection measures.

Police should immediately receive information or a formal complaint relating to the commission of a cyber crime for the purpose of conducting their criminal investigation. However, it may be necessary for investigators to adopt a proactive approach by establishing a legally recognized surveillance and monitoring system of the Internet and other associated data transferring systems.

Ways to fight cyber criminal activities

Organizations should focus on implementing cyber security plans addressing people and processes, as well as incorporating robust security technology. Companies big and small need to commit the resources to educate employees on security practices, as well as develop robust plans for the handling of sensitive data, records, and transactions throughout the organization’s computer systems.

Keep in mind that firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection tools, and authentication services can greatly enhance security. Unfortunately, the software and hardware for defending information systems can be expensive and complex to operate.

There remains a lot of work to be done to improve management and technical solutions for information protection due to the vulnerabilities of computers, and when attacks do occur, having Carmel cyber risk insurance in place is your first line of defense.