Insurance for any of Your Fido’s Incidents

Your canine friend is a huge part of your life. They are there when you need comfort and when you want to have some fun during an outdoor run. We trust that our dogs are dependable and docile creatures. Unfortunately, sometimes their instinct can overrule any training and they can end up hurting those around them. If you do not have canine liability coverage, then you may be slapped with paying for medical expenses or an expensive lawsuit out of your own pocket.

What is Canine Liability Insurance?

This policy is built to handle the medical payments and settlements that result from your dog’s injuries. This can include a number of incidents like dog bites, scratches, scares or falls. Considering the thousands of emergency room visits that are caused by dogs, then this liability coverage is worth the investment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The answer to this question can depend on your dog’s breed. An agency can assess your dog’s propensity for incidents and past attacks. This can mean coverage ranging from a dozen thousand to almost a hundred thousand.
While you may not think your dog can cause any accident, you can never predict what kind of situation they may find themselves in the future. Therefore, it is better to prepare with the right canine liability coverage before it is too late.