Improving Websites for Insurance Agents

One thing that sets apart one insurance website from another is the ability to get visitors to return and perhaps buy products, or at least garner more information about your services.  The purpose of websites for insurance agents should be to provide satisfying content that will make people want to refer others to you and your agency.


You want visitors to your website to want to engage with you, either online (by requesting a quote or using your customer service forms), or by calling your office directly. If you make the process less difficult it will in turn make your visitors feel appreciated and welcome. Another important element is that you encourage feedback, even when it may be negative. The main purpose is to get a dialogue going.


Make them feel important


Customers will feel like they’re important to you if you make them feel this way. Make sure you respond to comments and follow up in a timely manner. There’s nothing worse than encouraging engagement on your website, then not responding when potential customers reach out to you. Knowing that you’re willing to listen goes a long way towards building trust with consumers.


Your branding is vital to any success you obtain. Bringing your personality online through your agency colors by including pictures of you and your team. This is a valuable tool that you can use. It’s also about providing content that fits your personality. Little things like this will help your agency stand out from the competition. People prefer to do business with companies they actually like and trust, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.


While you really can’t afford to give away or discount your products, becoming a resource of information can really make your website one of the more favorable insurance destinations. You could provide free reports that can easily be downloaded from your website for things like carpet cleaning, mortgage brokers, and auto repair shops, or other often used services.


Remember that websites for insurance agents can lose traffic due to any number of reasons; bad navigation, slow loading graphics or graphics that freeze up, broken links, even missing or incorrect information. Constantly update your site, making sure that it’s always accessible, and watch how great the response will be.