How To Properly Protect Workers in Florida

Running a business may be fulfilling in some ways, but there are plenty of frustrations that come along on a routine basis. When you’re trying to do what’s right by your employees, for example, it can become difficult to know which moves are the best. Workers’ compensation plans typically cover workers in the event of an injury or worse on the job. However, many business owners are surprised to discover that certain employees do not fall under the protective umbrella offered by this type of standard insurance.

Basic Exemption Points

There are several points to understand about workers comp exemptions in FL. The first thing to review is who is actually covered by your insurance. Typically, all of the people who work full-time for you on the premises of one of your locations is going to be covered. However, exceptions start to appear when the employee no longer works directly for you. If you’re dealing with subcontractors or individuals who are coming through a temp agency, then you may have gaps in your coverage. Additional points to pay attention to with this type of plan include:

Cover Those in Your Care

Though you may need to put in extra hours of research, knowing who is and is not covered by your standard insurance plan is vital to your success. Take time to understand the basics and see how it shapes the decisions you make moving forward.