How To Open Your Own Valet Service

Running a car valet can be a very profitable venture since many locations can benefit from this type of service. Areas with high traffic, limited parking or VIP clientele are especially likely to be target clients. With relatively low start-up costs and supplies needed to run this type of operation, including business licensing, uniforms and valet parking insurance, you can provide this valuable service.

Training Your Staff

Running a car valet may seem rather simple; staff park cars upon guest arrival and retrieve them when guests are ready to depart. But given the responsibilities, staff must be adequately trained to provide this service while minimizing the likelihood of any costly mishaps occurring. In valet training, attendants are responsible for:

  • Providing top-tier customer service
  • Being physically able to retrieve vehicles promptly
  • Knowing how to operate a variety of vehicles safely, including those with automatic and manual transmissions
  • Respecting client property
  • Keeping all licensing up to date and maintaining a clean driving record
  • Providing accurate money transactions

Protecting Your Business

Even with the most competent and able staff, it is important to be proactive and protect your investment. Though unlikely, you will need to protect your business in case there are accidents, customer disputes and other unforeseen mishaps. With regular training, regular staff evaluation and valet parking insurance, you can rest easier knowing your company is covered.