How to Keep Your Employer Health Insurance Costs in Check

Healthcare costs continue to rise year-over-year. As one of the largest expenses for a business, controlling and minimizing employee healthcare costs is a strategic initiative for companies, large and small.


Offering telemedicine services for your employees is a practical way to reduce healthcare costs. Employees can receive a medical evaluation, diagnosis and a treatment plan via video conference. Available 24/7, this service saves employees time and can alleviate costly visits to urgent care centers or an emergency room.

Chronic Disease Management

Managing chronic illnesses through an integrated care management program helps employees monitor their conditions and coordinate proactive treatment. Programs like these also provide employees with accountability for managing their disease.

Price Transparency Tools

Price transparency tools can help employees understand the costs and research various treatment options available to them. These tools can also educate employees on the prices of generic versus brand name drugs or mail order versus the local pharmacy.

Health and Wellness Programs

Healthier employees are happier employees and perform better on the job. Providing wellness programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle and support a holistic approach to employee wellbeing can help reduce acute medical issues related to chronic disease.

Encouraging healthy behavior and care management can help keep your workforce healthy and reduce healthcare costs for your organization and employees.