How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing principle that focuses on improving visibility in organic search engine results. It encompasses the technical and creative elements required to improve your rankings and drive traffic (visitors) to your website.

Insurance Agency SEO utilizes certain familiar keywords, mostly related to insurance products and services, so that the algorithm will look favorably upon the chosen keywords and set the site higher in initial searches for sites that sell insurance.

A little creativity will make you stand out

We know that the use of particular keywords helps to improve rankings, but try not to follow the pack too closely. Don’t go for the obvious choices for keyword phrases, as it doesn’t really improve rankings because competitors will be following suit. The reason that the larger companies rank highest is because of their high-quality links and more viable content. The use of social media also plays an important role and is something a smaller agency must take advantage of.

Focusing on the local area where your office is located is also a smart way to go about raising awareness of your brand. Optimize your site for people in and around your community searching for insurance as this can help draw more attention to your site. People who live close to where your offices are will be more likely to purchase insurance through you since your company is in close proximity. This can be a great advantage for many of the smaller firms that sell insurance.

Long tail keywords help to boost rankings

Use of long tail keyword phrases in blogs and articles can help your SEO efforts by increasing your odds of reaching your audience. You’ll also be providing customers with information that will answer specific questions about your services that they might have an interest in learning more about.

The process of keyword research provides a clearer understanding of key phrases, search terms, and also online demand for products or services. Your Insurance Agency SEO marketing strategy should help your effort to rank higher in many of the more competitive keyword searches.