How Staffing Agencies Stay out of Hot Water

Conventional employers face legal risks they often mitigate with insurance coverage. For staffing agency owners, there are even more legal hazards. As the intermediary between talent and clients, your organization must address vulnerabilities to grow successfully. Purchasing staffing agency insurance is often an effective way to stay out of hot water.

Safeguarding Against Employee Misdeeds

When you refer an employee to a jobsite, your clients assume they are getting a worker who will behave. If your referral doesn’t, you may be responsible for the damage he or she causes. By purchasing coverage for employee malfeasance, you help limit your financial exposure.

Protecting Against Accidents

If your employees frequently drive to client worksites, you may have significant exposure. Even with careful drivers, accidents occur. Without a hired non-owned automobile policy, you may have to pay damages out of pocket. This, of course, can be unbelievably expensive.

Taking Advantage of Training

You can’t foresee all potential liability. When you purchase coverage from a competent provider, you take advantage of training and other educational resources. These tools can be invaluable at keeping your organization out of trouble.

With the right staffing agency insurance, you achieve the peace of mind you need to grow your staffing agency. Rather than leaving the success of your organization to chance, discuss your firm’s coverage needs with an experienced insurance provider.