How Jet Ski Insurance Protects Your Business and Clients

Jet ski rentals are popular in many maritime climates. Use of a jet ski offers a unique activity for both tourists and locals, and novice and experienced boaters alike. However, just because anyone can operate a jet ski does not mean they are necessarily easy or intuitive to use. Carrying comprehensive jet ski insurance will both protect your business in the event of an accident or injury, and protect your customers.

What Hazards Exist on a Jet Ski?

While a jet ski can be safely operated by an inexperienced individual, they are unique vehicles that take time and practice to operate with high efficiency. Hazards include the following, among others:

  • Moving at unsafe speeds
  • Operating in a high-traffic area, near watercraft or other individuals
  • Use of a jet ski by multiple individuals at once
  • Operating in rough weather

What Does Insurance Cover?

Jet ski insurance will help to cover your company in the event that anything unfortunate occurs in the course of a rental. Insurance may include the following:

  • General liability, protecting business premises
  • Hull coverage, protecting a jet ski in the event of damage
  • Watercraft coverage, protecting against injury or other property damage during a rental

Working with a reputable insurer can help your business institute effective risk management techniques, while ensuring you are well-covered in the event an accident does happen.