How Insurance Can Help Employees Dealing With a Short Term Disability

Employees dealing with a disability, whether related to a chronic condition or injury, will often try to work despite pain or limitations. This can lead to a host of problems, from increased risk of on-the-job injuries to poor job performance. Short-term disability insurance is an important tool that can help these employees. In many cases, it allows them to take time to address health issues so they get back on their feet and return to work fully recovered. It does this in several ways, but these two features tend to have the biggest impact.

Replace Lost Wages

Many workers will continue to press through an illness for fear of lost wages. Disability insurance can replace wages during a covered leave from work, so each person is able to recover as needed. Many policies will provide a weekly benefit payment for several months, or even up to a year.

Cover Assistance Programs

Proper medical care and a comprehensive rehabilitation program can speed recovery. Talk to your insurance provider about options for rehabilitation and assistive services. These might include anything from physical therapy to workplace modifications to dependent care provisions.

Short-term disability insurance is an investment in the health and wellness of workers. Employees with comprehensive coverage are able to recover from an illness or injury with less worry knowing that they will receive weekly payments and access to assistance programs.