How a Public Library Can Eradicate a Bedbug Infestation

A growing number of public libraries have been dealing with problematic bedbug infestations. These pernicious pests don’t enter an area from outside as do other types of insects such as ants. Instead, they’re brought in via people’s belongings. Bedbugs can crawl into tight areas, so treating large areas where they have a lot of potential hiding places can be difficult. In addition to frequent inspections, there are some helpful strategies that libraries can use to control bedbug infestations.

Treat Books Individually

Applying pesticides in a large area filled with books likely won’t penetrate a book itself, so it’s helpful to treat books separately with a hot or cold environment. Heat kills bedbugs almost instantly, but some books could be damaged by intense heat. Freezing a book is likely the better option for removing bedbugs from books, but it would take approximately four days for a treatment to be effective. Large freezer chests are a very worthwhile equipment investment for a library dealing with bedbugs.

Vacuum and Steam Treat Carpeting Frequently

If a library contains any carpeting material, it could contain bedbugs’ larvae and eggs. Frequent vacuuming as well as steam treatment can kill the bugs before they grow into reproducing adults.

Conducting regular inspections, treating books separately, and carefully cleaning flooring can help effectively exterminate bedbugs from a library.