What Your Home Insurance Actually Covers

Bergen County homeowners insurance is important. It can provide you with a little reassurance during a very difficult time. This type of insurance covers things like fire, vandalism, and hurricanes. Many people assume their home is covered by any disaster, but it is not. Don’t wait for a major accident to start asking questions. Here are some things that you may want to buy additional insurance for that is not covered by your home insurance.

Flooding is a common issue that can cause a lot of damage. It can lead to mold and may be caused by a sewage backup. None of this is covered by most homeowners’ insurance. You need to purchase additional coverage for these types of disasters. Flooding due to leaky pipes and roofs happen fairly often. It is something worth protecting yourself against.

If you have expensive assets that you keep in your home, it might be worth purchasing a more intensive coverage plan. Although your plan may cover some of these expensive items if they are stolen or damage, your policy may impose a limit. Consider getting a rider that specifies any especially valuable items in your house.

Bergen County homeowners insurance is a worthwhile investment. Know what you are paying for. Talk with your agent and add any coverage necessary to make your plan fit your lifestyle.