Getting Coverage for Your Convenience Store

Running a convenience store is a good way to make a living, but if you don’t invest in insurance, you risk losing your building to an accident or natural disaster. If you’re wondering “What is convenience store coverage? How does it apply to me?,” use these simple steps to guide your application.

Learn About Eligibility

Don’t waste time applying for convenience store coverage that you’re not eligible for. Although specifics vary, most insurance companies have the following requirements:

  • Few previous insurance claims
  • Limited hours of operation
  • Sizable income from non-gasoline and non-alcoholic products

These requirements are designed to protect insurance companies from covering risky businesses.

Prepare Your Application

If you are eligible for your chosen provider’s convenience store insurance program, it’s time to prepare your application. This includes forms that ask about your financial history, worker’s compensation claims and current assets. Be as thorough and accurate as possible; you don’t want to be rejected over a sloppy mistake.

Know What’s Included

After applying, research your company’s programs so you know exactly what is included in an insurance package. Most coverage goes beyond paying for your building and also helps if you have an outbreak of disease such as hepatitis.

With careful financial records and research, you can apply for quality convenience store coverage today.