Get the Right Insurance for Your Electrical Business

Don’t let something unexpected sideline your electrical contracting business.  Whether it’s damage to a client’s house, a traffic accident that puts your work van out of commission or an employee who receives a shock,  insurance for electricians and electrical contractors is designed to take care of you when your business gets a jolt.

Recommended Insurance for Electrical Contractors

The following types of insurance coverage are recommended to handle any situations that could come up while you are on the job:

  • Liability insurance covers damage to people or premises that occur while you are on site.
  • Property insurance takes care of damage to your place of business or your tools.
  • Workers’ compensation covers your employees if they are injured on the job.
  • Auto insurance protects you in case of an accident with your work vehicle.
  • Income protection covers some lost income when you can’t work because of another covered situation such as property damage.

The Right Amount of Protection

The size of your business affects the amount of insurance you need. A large electrical contracting company with many employees needs more and varied coverage as opposed to a sole proprietor. Your insurance agent can tailor your policy to your company’s size and the types of jobs you do.

When you protect yourself with insurance for electricians and electrical contractors, you can have peace of mind knowing that unforeseen circumstances won’t take you offline for long.