Five Star Quality Insurance

Texas is a great location for those looking to invest in fine dining opportunities. With large metropolitan areas like Dallas, Houston and Austin, there are millions of potential clients waiting for a great dining experience. However, opening a restaurant is only half the challenge. You never know what accidents can happen to you, your customers or your stock. Fine dining insurance in Texas is key to keeping your location running and pleasing even the pickiest eaters.

Insurance is something that works behind the scenes but can make the difference between closing your location and a thriving business. Many companies offer standard coverages including general liability and property insurance. In order to obtain an all-encompassing packages, many agencies offer a few extra policies.

Liquor Liability – Texas law mandates that every location that serves alcohol must have liquor liability. Having liquor liability cares for you investments whenever any customer that consumes your alcohol causes some sort of accident or physical altercation.

Commercial Auto Coverage – Commercial auto insurance takes care of possible damages you may be required to pay if your restaurant’s vehicles cause an accident or damage property.

Fine dining insurance in Texas may also cover employee benefits, crime and food contamination. You want your customers to live a stellar food experience at your restaurant. Make sure they can experience great dining for many years with strong insurance.