Finding Nationwide Coverage

In an economy that relies on Internet-technology and virtual assistance, finding a company to provide personal assistance for your insurance needs can be a challenge. With some investigation and research, you can locate an insurance provider capable of meeting your coverage needs with a personal and professional touch. Companies like Ascendant Insurance can provide this assistance, which can include larger services, while still relying on the wholesale insurance market.

Offering Great Value

Even though an agency might seem locally based because of a great in-office experience, take a closer look. Risk management companies often broker policies with larger, more specialized carriers who operate nationwide. This offers even better value to their services, which can include:

  • Access to “A” rated carriers with a wide range of risk categories
  • Preferred agency status with select nationwide carriers
  • Access to agency captives, sponsored captives, and professional employment organizations
  • Variety in payment options and plans
  • Superior underwriting expertise and carrier relationship

Offering Great Coverage

In addition to quality services, agencies that are able to look to the wholesale market for delivery can offer greater coverage diversity. This includes services for workers’ compensation programs that offer:

  • Healthcare
  • Debt modification
  • Professional staffing
  • Security alarm installers

Choosing a risk management company or broker offering nationwide coverage through companies like Ascendant Insurance can give you greater options while providing the personal involvement tailored to your needs.