Errors and Omissions Insurance for Medical Professionals

Doctors and other care providers owe their patients the highest duty of care. When they serve their patients, they are subject to considerable liability exposure. Even when healthcare professionals use every possible effort to administer exceptional care, there is always the possibility that a mistake could happen and cause harm to a patient. Likewise, it is possible that a patient may bring a claim against a provider based on a perceived harm rather than actual harm. It’s important for healthcare professionals to protect themselves with an insurance policy that can address situations relating to errors and omissions.

Coverage Applications

Medical errors and omissions insurance can help professionals with the considerable expenses that could result from a liability claim. A policy can be used to pay for things such as a patient’s medical expenses, a damages award or settlement agreement for bodily injury, or the legal costs involved with defending a claim.

Providers Served

E&O insurance is a vital safeguard for several different types of medical professionals. Health organizations, medical practice managers, and billing administrators need to be prepared to deal with a liability claim with adequate coverage.

For assistance obtaining an E&O policy, it is advisable for healthcare professionals to reach out to an insurance company that is experienced in serving clients in their field.