Employment Practices Liability Examples

Business owners must be aware of the liability risks they face from potentially disgruntled employees. Even if the owner or other employees aren’t at fault, they can still be responsible for paying hefty legal fees. It’s important to discuss your insurance options with your agent to make sure you choose the right coverage to protect your company in any situation.

Examples of Employment Practices Liability Claims

EPLI claims vary a great deal and depend in part on the type of business involved. There are some lawsuits that are commonplace, however. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • Harassment Claims – One of the most common forms of harassment is sexual harassment, but any situation where an employee feels uncomfortable with how someone treats them in the workplace can be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Retaliation Suits – If an employee is fired or is turned down for a promotion because they were a whistle-blower or they supported another employee who was mistreated, they may file a claim against the company.
  • Discrimination Lawsuits – No employee can be forbidden employment, denied a promotion or fired based on their race, age or sex. If the person feels they have a good case, they can file a lawsuit.

Make sure your business is protected from unwanted employment practices lawsuits by selecting a comprehensive EPLI plan.