Dog Bite_Why Should You Get a Canine Liability Insurance Policy?

Taking care of a dog is a joy, but a lot of dog owners do not recognize that it can carry serious liability risks. Causing injury to a person or another dog could result in a costly legal action. Having a canine liability insurance policy protects you from having to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket costs if your dog causes harm.

Avoid Strict Liability Litigation

Most jurisdictions apply strict liability standards to personal injury claims involving dog bites. This means that plaintiffs do not have to prove why someone is responsible for a dog. Owners are automatically liable regardless of whether the dog was under their control at the time of an incident. 

Bites Are More Common Than You May Think

Dogs that bite are not inherently dangerous or aggressive. Typically, dogs bite when they are fearful. You cannot necessarily train a dog to refrain from biting because the impulse to do so may be reactive, instinctive, or driven by powerful emotions such as fear. It is difficult to anticipate what conditions could cause a dog to fear for his or her safety. Also, if your dog believes that you are in danger, he or she may attack a person or animal. 

An average dog bite claim can be tens of thousands of dollars or more. Liability policies offer valuable protection.