Does a Medical Spa Need Laser Hair Removal Malpractice Insurance?

Their convenience and affordability have made medical spas popular locations for beauty-related medical treatments. Unfortunately, disgruntled patients often sue for damages in the same way they would sue a hospital. While there is no specific laser hair removal malpractice insurance policy, other types of coverage exist to protect medical spa professionals.

Professional Liability Insurance

Most spas providing services such as massage or hair removal do not invest in medical malpractice insurance. This costly type of professional liability is reserved for hospitals and clinics and is not the most cost-effective option for medical spas. Most bodywork providers instead opt for medical spa professional liability insurance to protect them from being sued for injuries that occasionally occur during laser hair removal.

General Liability Insurance

General liability is another good option for personal healthcare facilities. This coverage protects against client injuries not specifically related to treatments performed. For example, if someone were to get hurt in the waiting room or parking lot, this policy would cover damages and court costs. It also covers any potential claims of copyright infringement while advertising the facility’s services.

A medical spa providing laser hair removal does not need the same malpractice coverage that surgeons and dentists require. Professional and general liability policies are usually sufficient to manage the risks they face.