Covering the Costs of Damaged Dry Cleaning

Running a fabricare dry cleaners service can be a vital part of clothing businesses, as not many people can accomplish this type of care on their own and require the help of professionals. However, the risk of taking in someone else’s personal belongings and caring for them can lead to some huge problems if something goes wrong. This is why acquiring insurance which covers property damage in a variety of cases can make the difference between a successful business and a bankrupt one.

Dry Cleaners Insurance

General liability and property insurance policies can be highly beneficial to some businesses, but these programs often have limited coverage for situations that may be unique to a specific business. Finding a fabricare dry cleaners insurance program can ensure that the specific problems that can arise in this type of service are covered. This is especially important when you run a business that takes care of customer belongings, putting them temporarily under your responsibility. The types of liabilities that can often be covered by fabricare dry cleaners insurance include:

The loss of items within the shop or during transportation

Storm, fire, water or other damages that are outside of your control

Damage to items due to a mistake caused by an employee or faulty machine

Crimes such as theft and robbery

Errors and omissions regarding care, delivery, etc.