Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Through PEOs

PEOs offer a variety of benefits to their members. If your PEO serves small, medium and large companies, you may be looking for comprehensive PEO insurance. With the right agent, you can likely find a policy that best meets your members’ needs.

General Insurance

Virtually all companies require general insurance. When shopping for insurance for your PEO, be sure you look for an insurer that can meet all your organization’s needs. Remember, along with property insurance, most companies need a general business policy. Others may want an umbrella package or work stoppage coverage. Meanwhile, practically all organizations must purchase workers’ compensation coverage. Before you decided on a provider, make sure it can meet the general insurance needs of all your PEO’s members.

Educational Resources

One of the biggest advantages of joining a PEO is accessing educational resources that help to improve business processes. When you are purchasing comprehensive coverage, ask about the insurer’s educational opportunities. Does the insurer offer white papers or handbooks? Are lecturers or workshops available? By choosing an insurer with significant educational resources, you can likely better market your PEO to prospective members.

To better serve your members, you need to offer the right PEO insurance packages. By working with an experienced insurer, you can likely purchase comprehensive coverage for any sized business.