Combat Cyber-Attacks With Proactive Practices

As cyber thieves become more sophisticated, cyber-attacks are more commonplace. You can’t completely avoid an attack, but there are many safety practices that greatly reduce your risks.

Smart Email Practices

Cyber awareness begins with your email account. If you receive an email that you aren’t expecting, never open the link until you investigate further. Would-be thieves like to send emails that appear to come from reputable companies, such as Amazon or streaming services.

There are some tell-tale signs for fake email accounts. Hover over the email address to check out the actual recipient’s address. If it is a long address or looks unusual, chances are it isn’t legitimate. Delete the email immediately.

If you are uncertain, call the company directly from the phone number given on their official website and ask questions.

Internet Best Practices

Install reputable anti-virus software on your computer and make sure it is kept current. Change passwords to your online accounts frequently and use a different password for each account. If you are given the option of providing a two-step process for verifying your identity, always select this feature.

Make sure you log out of shared computers or networks before leaving the area. In addition, don’t share your personal information on Facebook or other social media outlets.

Reduce your risk of cyber-attacks using some smart best practices.